Add more users to your client record

If you're an authorised user for your organisation, you can add more users to help you manage your client record and licences.

Who can add users

If you're an authorised user you'll have administrator access for your organisation's client record. You can set someone else up — like an approved radio engineer (ARE) or certifier (ARC), or an employee — to manage your organisation's client record and licence.

If you don’t have administrator access, find someone else who has authority to act on behalf of the organisation who can give us written approval to set up another user. This could be your director or manager.

If you're an authorised administrator for your organisation, you can delete any users if their access is no longer needed.

Note: Each user will have their own unique username and password. They'll get an activation code via email with instructions on how to do this.


  1. Logon to the Register using your user name and password. Your name appears top left of screen. Login to the Register(external link)
  2. Select the menu Logon Details > Change your Client Details to display your organisation’s client details.
  3. Select Organisation Details from the left-hand menu. The Organisation Details screen opens
  4. Select [Add User] to open the User Details screen.
  5. Enter the First and Last Name of the new user. The 'Branch' field defaults to 'No Branch Assigned'.
  6. Select Yes or No to Administrator Access:
    • Yes - once logged on, the new user can update or delete user logons as needed.
    • No –once logged on, the new user will have read only access.
  7. Enter the new user’s phone number and email address. We send an activation code to this email address. The new user must follow the instructions to set up their username and password.
  8. Select [Save]. You get a message details saved successfully.
  9. Select [Back]. You return to the Organisation Details screen. The new user’s logon details display along with yours. The new user’s status is ‘Pending’. This means they haven’t activated their account. Once they have done this, their status will change to ‘Current’

Tip: You can delete a user by clicking the red button beside the user’s ID.