Search clients in the RRF

A step-by-step guide for searching for clients in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF).

When searching for a client in the RRF, note the following criteria.

If... Then...

Your search does not return a result

Broaden or lessen your search criteria by following the points below

A person does not return a result

Ensure to search both the first and last name of that person.

What you need to be aware of when searching for a client in the RRF

  • A minimum of three characters must be specified
  • People and organisations have
    • unfamiliar names such as Zhang Li Chi, OR
    • names are spelt differently, such as Stuart, Stewart, Stuert, or McKenzie, MacKenzie, or McNabb, McNab, MacNab,
    • abbreviated names such as Dept instead of Department, or NZ instead of New Zealand
  • Misspelt names.
  • Alphanumeric names such as 4RF.
  • Hyphenated names, such as Cooke-Willis.
  • Multiple client numbers for organisations such as Telecom, and Vodafone.
  • Organisation name changes and buy-outs, such as Fonterra used to be the NZ Dairy Board, and Fonterra bought out Mainland and Tip Top.
  • An Organisation name may differ to the Billing name


A new client must be a legal entity. The RSM publication Legal entities for the purposes of the Radiocommunications Act 1989 (PIB 47) explains the legal entity status.

Step-by-step guide

Follow the steps below to search for a client in the Register.

Step 1

Go to the RRF by clicking on the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF)(external link) link on the RSM homepage.


  • You do not need to Logon to search the register.

Step 2

From the Search the Register option click Search Clients.

Search Clients drop down menu

Step 3

You have an option to either:

  • search by client name
  • search by client number

The following example is searching by client name:

  • Click the arrow next to Organisation Name and choose an option. (Tip: Contains provides greater search options)
  • Type the first three or four letters of the name.
  • Click Search or Enter from the keyboard.
Client Search form [JPG, 84 KB]

Click on image to view full size

Step 4

A list of records displays your search results.

  • Click a column heading to sort by that column (except Residential/Physical Address)
  • Click the client number to view client details or
  • Click Next to see the next page of results
Client Search results [JPG, 209 KB]

Click on image to view full size


  • If a client has multiple client numbers then choose carefully.

Step 5

The Maintain Client Details screen displays the client result.

Click the link to view the client’s address and contact details.

Example of client public details screen [JPG, 52 KB]

Click on image to view full screen

Step 6

Click any link highlighted to view further details of client addresses and contacts.

Addresses and Contacts screen [JPG, 65 KB]

Click on image to view full size

Click Back twice to return to the Client Search results screen.