Search certificates in the RRF

A step-by-step guide for all users to search for certificates in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF).

This process only applies to certificates that are registered online via the Register. The majority of maritime radio licences are issued by the Coastguard(external link) and are not recorded in the RSM Register.

The search process

Certificates in the Aeronautical, Amateur and Maritime bands can be searched for, and viewed in the Register. They can also be printed as required.

Step-by-step guide

Follow the steps below to search for certificates.

Step 1

Log into the Register(external link).

Step 2

Do one of the following to display the Search certificates and callsigns screen:

  • Choose Search certificates and callsigns from the Online Services tab drop down menu
  • Click Search certificates and callsigns on the Register homepage.
Search Certificates and Callsigns screen [PNG, 26 KB]

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The Search Certificates & Callsigns screen functions as follows:

  • Entering less information in the search criteria returns more results.
  • Searching by client number is the recommended searching method.

Step 3

Do one of the following to search for a client:

  • Enter the client number in the ‘Client Number’ field, or
  • Enter at least four letters of the clients name in the ‘Licensee’ field.

Step 4

For this example we enter the client name Fortymore in the ‘Licensee’ field and clicked Search. The Search Certificates & Callsigns results screen displays.

Search Certificates and Callsigns results [PNG, 14 KB]

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Note: The ‘Cert Type’ shown in this example is the MGROC (Maritime General Radio Operators Certificate).

Step 5

To view client details click the Client No link and the Maintain Client Details screen displays.

Maintain Client Details screen [PNG, 13 KB]

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Note: Clicking the Addresses and Contacts link on the left of the screen gives access to that information for the specified client.