Extract fee, invoice and payment data

You can extract data fee, invoice, and payment data from the RRF into a spreadsheet.


To extract data fee, invoice, and payment data from the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF):

Step 1

Logon to the Register(external link) using your username name and password.

Step 2

Select either:

  • Search the Register > Search Fees from the main menu, or
  • the ‘Search Fees’ icon.

The search results display a list of invoices for the last 6 months and their status.

Step 3

Update your search criteria as follows:

  • Click [Clear] to remove the date range.
  • Select ‘Fees’ from the Search For drop down box.
  • Enter your Invoice Number in the Invoice Number field.
  • Click [Search].

A list of licences and fees relating to the invoice are returned.

You can enter more information in the other search fields to narrow your search result.

Step 4

Click [Extract All to File].

You'll get a pop-up File Download window. The file format is CSV (Comma Separated Values). You can open the file in Microsoft Excel, or [Save] it.