Pay pending licence fees

You can pay pending licence fees anytime in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF).

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What pending licence fees are

Pending licence fees occur when you go to pay your licences in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF) and decide to exit without paying. This action changes the status of your licence payment from 'awaiting payment' to 'pending'.

Three examples of how pending fees occur is when:

  1. The system automatically creates the invoice with the licence renewal email.
  2. You create an invoice and back out of the Fee Payment screen. An example could be taking the invoice to get approval to pay.
  3. You start the payment process and get to the Fee Payment screen and then back out.


To pay pending licence fees, you need to:

Step 1

Choose whether you're paying pending fees for:

  • a licence application, log into the RRF. Select Manage Licences > Pay Annual Licence Fees (Applications) from the main menu, or
  • licence renewals, select Manage Licences > Pay Annual Licence Fees (Renewals).

Step 2

Choose one option:

  • For licence applications, select the ‘Pending’ link for the licence you want to pay. This opens the Pay Annual Licence Fees (Application) Summary screen. Select [Continue]. The Fee Payment screen will open.
  • For licence renewals, select the 'Pending' status link for the licence you want to pay. This opens the Pending Renewals screen. Select the Licence renewal hyperlink to go to the Fee Payment screen.

Step 3

Choose an invoice option:

  • Choose a payment option: This is a default option. You can choose to pay by credit or debit card, internet banking (pay with POLi) and direct debit (if you have this option set up).
  • Check tax invoice details: This allows you to change your invoice details and email address before creating your invoice.
  • Create an invoice now: This allows you to get an invoice before payment and add a reference or purchase order number to it. You can only do this if an invoice hasn't already been created. Once you select Create an invoice now, you can download your invoice. To return to pay your fees, select Choose a payment option.

Step 4

Make payment.