Modify a radio licence

You'll need to modify a licence when the basic details, technical parameters, or the conditions of the licence need changing.


Step 1

Engage an Approved Certifier or Engineer (ARC or ARE) to modify the parameters on your licence. You'll be notified by email when your modified licence application has passed engineering certification and your planned licence(s) have been created.

Find an ARC or ARE

Step 2

Login to the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF)(external link)

Step 3

Select either

  • the icon Manage Licence Applications from the home page OR
  • the menu Applications > Manage Licence Applications

Step 4

Select the application number (App No) as noted in the notification email.

Step 5

Select [Licence] to check if it's correct. Then select [Confirm] to accept, or [Reject] to decline the details of the licence.

  • Select [Licence]. This allows you to view the technical details of the planned licence to ensure they are correct. You can click any hyperlink to look at further details. When you've finished, select [Back] to return to the Application Summary screen.
  • Select [Confirm]
    • to accept the modified radio licence.
    • to accept a modified spectrum licence. This ends your part of the process for this application. Your engineer will create a Modify spectrum licence Form 8 for the band manager to approve. We'll send you an email if any fees are due.
  • Select [Reject] if the technical parameters are wrong. You need to fill in the reason why you’re rejecting the licence. The licence application is returned to the ARE or ARC who engineered it.

Step 6

Pay any licence fees due. You'll only pay fees if you modify your radio licence while your annual licence fee renewal is due.

Step 7

The modified licence will then be queued for granting by the Licensing Manager.

Note: When a radio licence is modified, the original licence is cancelled when we grant the modified licence. A new licence number is issued at the time of granting.


Point to Multipoint licences

If you a hold a Point to Multipoint licence, and want an outstation modified, you need to select the primary (or hub) licence in the application. The ARC or ARE will modify the outstation and any relevant primary licence parameters.