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As a consumer, there are a number of devices in your home that use radio frequencies. These devices can be products such as cordless phones, baby monitors, remote control toys, walkie-talkie radios, wireless alarm systems, and garage door openers. These products may potentially cause or be affected by interference if they do not meet New Zealand’s electromagnetic standards for radio interference.

This section provides you with information to deal with interference, and will enable you to confidently purchase electronic and radio products that meet New Zealand’s electromagnetic standards. You will also understand what products can be purchased overseas and safely used in New Zealand.

Shopping online and overseas

A guide for consumers buying radiocommunications products.

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Buying electrical, electronic and radio products from overseas

A guide of the requirements for buying electrical, electronic and radio products from overseas.

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Travellers tips

Guidance for travellers coming into New Zealand on what radio devices are acceptable for domestic use.

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Prohibited equipment for consumers

Information for consumers on radio and electrical equipment that is likely to cause harmful interference and is prohibited from supply and use in New Zealand.

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What is Interference?

Interference is caused by unwanted radio signals that degrade or interrupt radiocommunication and broadcasting services.

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Frequencies anyone can use

Information on radio frequencies which are available for people to use for free. These frequencies are controlled by general user licences.

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Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems/Drones

Remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS or 'drones') on unpermitted frequencies can cause harmful interference to vital radio systems. Users operating on unpermitted frequencies may be subject to infringement or prosecution.

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Wi-Fi facts

New Zealanders are increasingly using mobile devices such as smart phones, laptops, cameras, and tablets to stay connected. This means that the use of Wi-Fi is increasing.

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Last updated 21 November 2018