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Review of options for 174-230 MHz

Submissions closed at
5pm on Friday, 27 May 2016
Consultation Document 2016 - Options for 174-230 MHz (Review of options for allocating spectrum in VHF Band III) PDF Document 344kb


The spectrum between 174–230 MHz (known as ‘Band III’) has been unallocated following the switch from analogue to digital television broadcasting in 2013.

In 2016, RSM released a consultation document that sought feedback on options for the use of this band, and invited feedback on other options that weren’t included in the consultation.

Individual submissions are available to view. The submissions were taken into account when considering the allocation of this band.

Outcome of the 174-230 MHz review

Three new uses for the band have been decided: Internet of Things, land mobile radio and supporting the critical communications of the New Zealand Defence Force.

Internet of Things and land mobile radio will each be allocated 10 MHz in the band and the New Zealand Defence Force will be allocated 5 MHz.

Spectrum has also been set aside to allow for a Digital Audio Broadcasting network, should a decision be made to implement this in future.

The new spectrum for land mobile radio will be introduced following further consultation with industry in 2018.

Consultation on spectrum for the Internet of Things will take place in 2018.

A band plan indicating the allocation of Band III by service is below:

[image] A band plan indicating the allocation of Band III by service

Last updated 6 December 2017