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Licences for FM sound broadcasting (Auction 14)

After the recent Expressions of Interest, Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) has announced details for the sale of five FM sound broadcasting spectrum licences that will take place on 3 November 2017.

The licences will be auctioned publically on the Trade Me website and managed by Turners on behalf of Radio Spectrum Management, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

The licences will be valid until 2 April 2031 subject to implementation requirements being met by the successful bidders.

Licences for auction

The five licences are at present in the Crown’s name. They will be transferred to the winning bidders on receipt of payment to Turners and signing of the Sound Broadcasting Spectrum Licence Agreement with the Crown under the terms and conditions of the auction.

The five licences for auction are listed below:

Licence Transmit Location

Frequency (MHz)

Reserve Price (gst incl)

Licence ID (with link to The Register of Radio Frequencies)

91 Centennial Drive, Whitianga
Lower Rataroa
Hollow Top (Marlborough Lines)
Wallace Peak

Licence parameters can be modified from those currently licenced, however this will need agreement by the Chief Executive of MBIE or their delegated officer. Modifications will not be accepted if they substantially decrease service to the public.

Any modification requests need to be certified by an Approved Radio Engineer and comply with the rules specified in PIB 59. The modification requests must be submitted online in The Register of Radio Frequencies to the Crown Spectrum Asset Manager. Planned coverage information may also be required for the Crown Spectrum Asset Manager.

Terms and conditions

All successful bidders will be expected to implement services within two years of purchase. Bidders will be required sign an agreement with MBIE to enforce this implementation requirement.

RSM and MBIE provide no guarantee regarding access to land, infrastructure, or services in relation to any licence. These are matters for which licensees are directly responsible.

RSM reserves the right to amend or cancel the auction process at any time. Notices pertaining to the auction will be published on this webpage.

General information for broadcasters and bidders

Broadcasters are reminded of the requirement to pay ongoing annual administration fees under the Radiocommunications Act 1989 (from 1 October these will be $150 per annum for broadcast licences). Licences, for which annual administration fees are overdue, may be cancelled by MBIE under the provisions of the Act. 

Refer to the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) for levies to be paid under the Broadcasting Act 1989. 

Refer to OneMusic NZ regarding the performing rights and artist copy right or royalty fees payable by broadcasters.

Last updated 26 September 2017