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Radio microphone consultation

In 2013 the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) sought submissions on the “UHF Radio Microphones: opportunities for future use” discussion document. This followed the Government’s earlier announcement to auction the ‘digital dividend’ radio spectrum in the 700 MHz band. This auction took place in October 2013.

MBIE received nine submissions to this consultation and has released its summary of submissions and final decisions.

The consultation confirmed new permitted frequency ranges for radio microphones. 

Consultation documents and submissions

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Implementation of the final decisions

The final decisions from this consultation have been implemented. The changes are:

General user spectrum licence number 222922 was amended to allow for the 510-606 MHz frequency range and for digital modulation. A copy of this licence can be found in the Register of Radio Frequencies (the Register).

General user spectrum licence number 222921 was amended to allow for the 622-698 MHz frequency range and for digital modulation. A copy of this licence can be found in the Register.

The General User Radio Licence for Short Range Devices (GURL-SRD) was amended to permit radio microphones in the 502-510 MHz frequency range. This allows for both analogue and digital modulation but the maximum EIRP is restricted to -10dBW (100 mW).

A ban is in place to prevent radio microphones from being sold or supplied in the 698-806 MHz frequency range. This took effect on 1 January 2014. This was implemented as a new condition on all licences to supply radio transmitters and has been published in the gazette notice: Radiocommunications Regulations (Licence to Supply Radio Transmitters - Ban on the Supply of Radio Microphones Equipment in the 698-806 MHz Frequency Range) Notice 2013.


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