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Radio microphone changes


Archived factsheets for suppliers and users

Radio microphone factsheet – Suppliers

Does your business sell or supply radio microphones? This fact sheet explains all the changes that have happened and how they relate to you and your business. From 11 March 2015 radio microphones are not permitted to operate in the 698-806 MHz frequency range, and consequently you are not permitted to sell or supply devices in this frequency range from 1 January 2014.


Radio microphone factsheet – Professional users

This factsheet provides important information to all industry professionals and venues that use radio microphones including television and radio broadcasters, sound engineers, performing arts organisations, concert and festival organisers, convention centres, event managers, musicians and music venues, and managers of large scale sports events.


Radio microphone users brochure

A brochure containing important information on the changes that took place in March 2015 that affect all radio microphones users.


Presentation ‘Changes for radio microphone users’ 

A presentation outlining the important changes that took place in March 2015 that affect all radio microphone users.

Last updated 11 February 2016