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(ARCHIVED) Digital land mobile radio in VHF and UHF bands consultation

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In July 2009, Radio Spectrum Management released a discussion paper to facilitate industry consultation on the introduction of digital Land Mobile Radio (LMR) technologies into the commercial land mobile bands located in the VHF and UHF parts of the radio spectrum.

The outcomes of the ‘Digital Land Mobile Radio in VHF and UHF Bands’ consultation were implemented in late 2009, with many bands opened for the licensing of digital LMR services.

LMR is a radiocommunications service used by law enforcement, public safety, and emergency responders, as well as commercial operators such as the transportation sector, utility companies, construction companies, and security companies. Digital LMR technologies use the radio spectrum more efficiently and provide more robust communications than analogue LMR technologies.

Digital systems also have enhanced capabilities, such as better voice quality, short messaging and data services, GPS tracking, and encryption.

Digital technologies have already been successfully introduced into one commercial LMR band (the 800 MHz TS band) to coexist with incumbent analogue technologies. This discussion paper consulted on the expansion of the licensing of digital LMR technologies to include the remaining commercial LMR bands. Land mobile bands assigned for government purposes (public protection and disaster relief or PPDR) have already introduced digital LMR. The MBIE proposed to align New Zealand’s licensing framework for commercial digital LMR with international practice.

Submissions on the proposals contained in this paper closed on 4 September 2009.



In late 2009, the digital land mobile licensing was opened in certain bands. Please refer to the following:


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