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(ARCHIVED) AM and FM licences for sound broadcasting (Auction 13)

31 March 2015

Auction 13 was conducted online through the Turners and Trade Me websites. It took place over a seven day period, running from 27 November until 3 December 2014. 172 licenses were offered for sale in the auction.

124 licences were sold in the auction for a total of $17,208,262 including GST.


Allocation of unsold licences (Auction 13a.)

In late December 2014, Radio Spectrum Management called for expressions of interest in the licences that were not sold in Auction 13.



Frequently asked questions

Are the licences subject to implementation/service requirements?

Yes, winning bidders are required to implement a broadcasting service on the licence(s) purchased within two years of licence transfer. Further details about the implementation/service requirements are provided in section 5 of the auction catalogue.


Can I transmit at a power level substantially lower than specified in the licence?

No, winning bidders must take into account the power level specified on their licence (in E.I.R.P.). Bidders are encouraged to talk to an ARE to discuss the overall transmission path (Power Amplifier, feeder and antenna specifications) to take account of the E.I.R.P. of the broadcasted signal.

To meet the implementation/service requirements, transmissions need to be at a level near the maximum specified under the licence. This will be judged by the Chief Executive of MBIE on a case-by-case basis.


Can I modify the parameters of licence(s) I purchase at auction?

Yes, licence parameters can be modified. Modifications need to be agreed by the Chief Executive of MBIE. Modifications that substantially decrease service to the public will not be accepted.

Any modification requests made will need to comply with the guidelines specified in PIB 59, be certified by an Approved Radio Engineer and submitted to the Crown Spectrum Asset Manager online in the Register of Radio Frequencies (SMART). Coverage information may also be required.


Will temporary licences be available for licences that do not sell at auction?

No. In the past the Minister for Communications [and Information Technology] had to go to Cabinet to approve any auction of sound broadcasting licences. Because that has sometimes been a long process, the Ministry issued temporary licences in between auctions to allow broadcasters to commence broadcasting immediately rather than wait for auction.

Cabinet has now delegated the authority to approve auctions of sound broadcasting licences to the Minister for Communications. This means there is no longer a need to allocate temporary licences as auctions will be able to take place more frequently. We can now hold single licence auctions and, with sufficient new demand, we could hold several auctions in a year.


How do I provide RSM with feedback on the auction?

Feedback can be sent by email to radio.spectrum@mbie.govt.nz, subject line “AM FM Auction 13 Feedback”.