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Telecommand/Telemetry licences

Who does this licence apply to?

Persons or other legal entities that own and operate land based radio transmitting equipment for linking between fixed points on a shared user basis in the TT bands.


Short Range Devices

Many short-range data communication requirements may be satisfied by the General User Radio Licence for Short Range Devices. This GURL covers devices such as remote car-lock/unlocking, wireless LAN cards, burglar alarms etc.


Longer distance data communication

Where users have a requirement for longer distance data communication it may be appropriate to seek a telecommand/telemetry licence which allows for higher power within the shared frequency environment of the TT bands.


Applying for a telecommand / telemetry licence

You can apply for a telecommand/telemetry licence in the TT bands by contacting an approved radio engineer or certifier.

For applicable licence fees refer to the fees schedule.

Last updated 2 May 2017