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Radiodetermination licences

Who does this licence apply to?

Persons or other legal entities that own and operate radio transmitting equipment for the purpose of determining the position, velocity, or other characteristics of an object; or to obtain information relating to those characteristics.


What are radiodetermination licences?

Licences issued under this category cover radio transmitting equipment used for:

  • the determination of position, velocity, or other characteristics of an object
  • the obtaining of information relating to these parameters by means of the propagation properties of radio waves.

Navigation by aircraft and ships rely heavily on transmitters licensed in this category and considerable effort is made by Radio Spectrum Management to protect these systems from radio interference.


Applying for a radiodetermination licence

You can apply for a radiodetermination type licence by contacting an approved radio engineer or certifier.

For applicable licence fees refer to the fees schedule.

Last updated 2 May 2017