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Land mobile licences

Who does this licence apply to?

Persons or other legal entities that own and operate land based radio transmitting equipment for communication between mobiles and/or portable sets either direct or through a radio repeater station.

To help you decide if you need a land mobile licence, please see our Land Mobile interactive guide.


What are land mobile services?

Licensing of radio transmitting equipment in the land mobile service covers a wide range of equipment, frequency use and power. In comparison to the citizen band radio service, land mobile services use higher power and more radio frequency bands. Where wide area coverage is required it can be provided by transmitting through a hilltop repeater. For mobiles operating outside the coverage of a repeater, in isolated areas, or over short distances then simplex service (single frequency) may be preferred.

Where it is desirable for a large group of mobiles to constantly monitor communications as opposed to cellular communications which is "person to person" the land mobile service is a logical choice.

Land mobile licences are often associated with networks or trunking systems where a method of coded access is utilised for group communication, protection from interference and allows greater reuse of the frequency throughout New Zealand.


Applying for a land mobile licence

You can apply for a repeater or simplex licence by contacting an approved radio engineer or certifier.

If you want to apply for a licence in the G band (174 – 184 MHz), you must engage an approved radio engineer to carry out the spectrum licencing.

For applicable licence fees refer to the fees schedule.


Phase-out of 25 kHz analogue land mobile channel in UHF or VHF bands

25 kHz channels are being phased out to promote more efficient use of LMR bands, reduce congestion, and align New Zealand with international practice.

On 1 November 2015, all 25 kHz LMR licences operating in frequencies below 470 MHz were revoked (except for licences used for SCADA and Data services in C and D band).

A deadline of 31 December 2019 applies to all 25 kHz LMR licences operating in frequencies above 470 MHz (F band and TS band).


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Last updated 2 August 2018