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General user spectrum licence

What is a general user spectrum licence?

A general user spectrum licence (GUSL) provides for certain classes of radio transmitters to be used without the need for the owner to obtain a licence in their own name or having to pay licence fees.

The radio equipment may be freely used by anyone and must:

A GUSL is granted by the owner of a management right under section 48(3) of the Radiocommunications Act 1989. GUSLs granted by the Crown are included in the list below, however they may also be searched in the Register of Radio Frequencies under Client Number 137373.


Radio interference

Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) does not investigate radio interference to services operating under GUSLs because frequency use is on a shared basis and the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) (of which RSM is a part of) does not accept liability under any circumstances for any loss or damage of any kind occasioned by the unavailability of frequencies or interference to reception.

Should interference occur to services licensed pursuant to a radio licence or a spectrum licence, the Chief Executive reserves the right to require and ensure that any transmission pursuant to the general user licence changes frequency, reduces power, or ceases operation.

RSM will investigate cases of non-compliance by GUSL users relevant to the use of General User Licences.


Which services can operate under a general user licence?

The following list details the types of service for which a general user spectrum licence has been issued. If your transmitter does not fit within one of the below categories, or you intend to use it outside of the specified terms and conditions on the General User Spectrum Licence you must apply for an individual licence.

For more information on individual licensing refer to the Types of licences section.

Tunnel radio FM systems

A general user spectrum licence for the transmission of radio waves for the purpose of providing continuity of FM broadcasting in underground locations (including road tunnels and mines).

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UHF radio microphone devices

General user spectrum licences for the transmission of radio waves for the purpose of UHF radio microphones, also known as wireless microphones, in ear monitors, or wireless audio transmitters.

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Last updated 2 May 2017