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Citizen Band Radio licences

Citizen Band Radio services

Citizen Band Radio (CB) is a personal radio service that is available to every person or legal entity, without payment of licence fees or registration, for the purposes of local area voice communications.

CB radio services operate in both the HF and UHF bands. CB in the HF band is known as Citizen Band Radio or CB Radio; and in the UHF band is known as the UHF CB Radio, Personal Radio Service, or PRS.


Use of CB services

Use of the CB HF and UHF services is on a shared basis and without privacy. Communications must be completed with due allowance for the rights of others sharing an open radio frequency band.

Users of the services must comply with the terms, conditions, and restrictions of the General User Radio Licence for Citizen Band Radio.


Personal Radio Service (PRS) repeaters

UHF PRS repeater licences are available for those who wish to extend service coverage. To obtain a radio licence for a PRS repeater, you should contact an approved radio engineer (ARE) or certifier (ARC) to apply for a licence on your behalf. AREs and ARCs may charge fees for their services.

For applicable licence fees refer to the fees schedule.


Use of licensed PRS repeaters

Licensees of the PRS repeater should note that repeater use is on an open shared basis. Further information on PRS repeaters is detailed in Public Information Brochures:

Details of existing repeater licences and the licence holder can be viewed in the Register of Radio Frequencies (the Register).

Last updated 2 May 2017