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Types of licences

What type of licence do I need?

We recommend that you contact an independent radio engineer or certifier who will assist you with the type of licence you need.

Licences are granted according to the type of service that is required. The type of service selected also determines the radio frequency bands available. See below for a list of licence types, click on each licence type for further information.

The types of licences are:

It is important to select the correct licence type when applying for a radio or spectrum licence. Otherwise, you may be liable for additional engineering fees if the licence is engineered for the wrong type of service due to incorrect or partial information on your application.

Other services

It may be possible to get a licence in other services for a frequency or frequency band that is not covered by the categories listed above. In these circumstances you or your independent radio engineer or certifier should contact us.

It is the Radio Spectrum Management’s objective to accommodate demands of new technology and business initiatives. Applicants are encouraged to explore new ways of utilising the radio spectrum to the benefit of the New Zealand economy.  


If in doubt

If still in doubt please contact us for more advice.


Last updated 31 May 2017