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Register of all approved AREs and ARCs


This is a Register of all Approved Radio Engineers (ARE) and Approved Radio Certifiers (ARC) that may provide engineering for radio licensing services. AREs and ARCs marked with an asterisk* are currently confirmed as not active.

If you are looking to employ an ARE or ARC please refer to the list of RSM approved Radio Engineers and Certifiers (ARE & ARC).


Approved Person No.



Email address

ARE 001 Hugh Railton Wellington  
ARE 002* Ross William Becker    
ARE 003* Stephen Gary Chong Wellington  
ARE 004 Andrew Owen John Woodfield Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
ARE 005 Peter Hayes McFarlane Wellington  
ARE 006* Mervyn Sisson Aked    
ARE 007 Robert Brian Vernall Wellington
ARE 008* Michael Joseph Fouhy    
ARE 009* Richard Brown    
ARE 010* Ian James Burtt    
ARE 011 Hilary John Purchas Wellington
ARE 012 Jeffrey Vaughan Wastney
ARE 013* Keith Darrock Fairweather    
ARE 014* Ian Henry Shearman    
ARE 015 Alan Michael Turner Wellington
ARE 016* Hamish Marc Sansom    
ARE 017 Mansoor Shafi Wellington
ARE 018* Trevor Robert Cudby    
ARE 019 Darren Fraser Chew Auckland  
ARE 020 Michael John Lancaster Auckland
ARE 021 Alan Ross Jamieson Auckland
ARE 022 David John Kershaw Wellington
ARE 023 Ian Rex Hutchings Wellington
ARE 024* Jenifer Mundy Auckland  
ARE 025 Simon Oliver Cooke-Willis Wellington
ARE 026 Michael William Houlihan Wellington
ARE 027 Wayne Wedderspoon Wellington  
ARE 028* John Alfred Cornish    
ARE 029 Trevor George Woods Wellington  
ARE 030 Robert Ian Goodwin Wellington
ARE 031 David Robinson Wellington  
ARE 032 Gareth Peter Rumble Auckland  
ARE 033 Gregory Mark Fowlie Auckland
ARE 034* Christopher Peter Gray Wellington  
ARE 035 Anthony Douglas Brown Wellington
ARE 036 Alexis Carl Orange Wellington  
ARE 037 Ross Doyle Cooper Wellington
ARE 038 John Douglas Ingham Wellington
ARE 039 Geoffrey Philip Cole Wellington
ARE 040 Ross Murdoch Wellington
ARC 041 Thaddeus David Julian Christchurch
ARC 042 Alec Oleh Demetrius Krechowec Auckland
ARE 043 Siegmund James Wieser Wellington  
ARE 044* Wilhelmus Cornelis Zwart Wellington  
ARE 045 Brent Jones Christchurch
ARE 046 Richard Noel Sawers Christchurch  
ARE 047 Jeffrey Dennis Hicks Tauranga  
ARE 048 Ian Bayne MacDonald Wellington
ARE 049 Bruce Douglas Harding Wellington
ARE 050 Gavin Cummerfield Palmerston North
ARC 051 William Frank Jacob Hamilton  
ARC 052 Salvin John Wilson Wellington
ARE 053 Ian Walter Gillespie    
ARC 054 Andrew David Barron Christchurch
ARC 055 Richard Joseph Collins Manawatu
ARE 056 Phillip Lyle Johnston Auckland
ARE 057 Garry Kenneth Rodgers Christchurch  
ARE 058 Geoffrey David Collins Wellington
ARC 059 Digby Clyde Gudsell Wellington
ARE 060 Graham Frank Hulston Christchurch or
ARE 061 Adam Charles Tommy Auckland
ARC 062 James Daniel Windsor Wellington
ARC 063 Philip John Brieseman Wellington
ARE 064 Peter Andrew Casey Auckland
ARE 065 Eion Neil Gibson Christchurch  
ARC 066* Peter John Farrell    
ARC 067* Fred Johnson Wellington  
ARC 068 Peter Hilly Canberra
ARE 069 Brian Francis Davis Nelson
ARE 070 Neville Robert Henry Brisbane, Australia
ARC 071 Russell J Birt Auckland  
ARC 072 David John Walker Hastings
ARE 073 Craig Andrew Scott United Kingdom  
ARC 074 Terence Stephen Fahey Christchurch
ARC 075 Michael Cooke-Russell Canberra
ARC 076* Charles Allan McMillan Dunedin  
ARC 077 Kevin Neil Dove Hamilton
ARC 078 Eeman Emmanuel Yaqub Auckland
ARE 079 Roger Miles Kippenberger Christchurch  
ARC 080 John Stewart Yaldwyn Wellington
ARC 081 Allister McKenzie Babington Invercargill
ARE 082 Vern Talbot Hamilton
ARE 083 Eric Yuan Liu Auckland
ARE 084 Geoffrey William Tunnicliffe Auckland
ARC 085 David John Taylor Hamilton
ARC 086 Crawford Andrew Baird Tokoroa
ARC 087 David John Crook Napier
ARC 088 Bryan Kenneth McConachie Dunedin
ARC 089 David Patrick Adamson Palmerston North
ARE 090 Nicholas Lloyd Wensley Nelson
ARC 091 Russell John Watson Queenstown
ARE 092 Andrew James Smithies Wellington  
ARC 093 Alastair Charles Kerr Fox Wellington  
ARC 094 William Douglas Warrilow Matamata
ARE 095 Jason Leif Healey Auckland
ARC 096 Roland Roger Osborne Christchurch
ARC 097 Jeffrey Burgess Sayer Masterton
ARC 098 Stewart James Hall Dunedin
ARE 099* Gregory John Walsh Dunedin  
ARC 100 Stephen Richard Oldfield New Plymouth
ARC 101 Allan John Wallace Hamilton
ARC 102 Laurence James Colvin Gisborne
ARC 103* Paul Anson Gillett Tauranga  
ARC 104 Philip John Black Hamilton
ARC 105 Dean Smith Auckland
ARC 106 David Arthur John Thomson Timaru
ARE 107 Gregory Smith Christchurch
ARE 108 Alexander Peter Tollenaar Wellington
ARC 109 Chester Philip Norton Clark Palmerston North
ARC 110 Douglas Ross Rickerby Christchurch
ARC 111* Robert Owen McCrae Wellington  
ARC 112 Russsell W Richardson Hamilton
ARC 113 Ian Harris Christchurch
ARC 114 Ross Tottenham Auckland
ARC 115 Joseph Maria Den Exter Auckland
ARC 116 Neil Harry Lambert Upper Hutt
ARC 117 Neill Martin Ellis Mt Maunganui
ARC 118 Peter R Moore Upper Hutt
ARE 119 Kevin Mark Everitt Auckland
ARC 120 Brent Mark Jagusch Auckland  
ARE 121 Andrew John May Australia
ARC 122 Ian David Timewell Timaru
ARE 123 Cristian Gomez    
ARE 124 Garth Christopher Spencer Auckland
ARE 125 Steven Paul Gillett Tauranga
ARC 126* Sujatha K Ranjanie    
ARC 127 Rex Harris Wellington
ARE 128 William Henry Waterworth Auckland
ARC 129 Nigel Barrie Crabbe Auckland
ARE 130 Keith Salter Auckland
ARE 131 Ernest Hong Auckland
ARE 132 Eric Enriquez Ibanez Auckland
ARC 133 Gareth Bennett Dunedin
ARE 134 David Harton Auckland  
ARE 135 Brett Allan Shaw Auckland
ARE 136 Grahame Love Wellington
ARE 137 Scott Billington Palmerston North
ARC 138 Dave E Lord Christchurch
ARE 139 Paul Kearney Auckland  
ARC 140* L G Barker    
ARE 141 David John Neil Christchurch
ARE 142 Stephen Fogerty Nelson
ARC 143 Sean K Crawford Christchurch
ARE 144 Grant Crombie Wellington
ARE 145 Jason R Hills Wellington
ARE 146 Robert A Halliday Auckland
ARC 147 Robert L Griffith Nelson
ARC 148 Shaun Godfrey Wellington
ARC 149 Stephen Hooper
ARC 150 Rod Heazlewood Christchurch
ARC 151 Farouk Sulaman Auckland
ARE 152 Stephen Michael Atkinson Auckland
ARC 153 Mr WK Harris
ARE 154 John Michael Challinor Auckland
ARE 155 Vincent Agustin Auckland
ARE 156 Mervyn Frericks    
ARE 157 Alex Wong Auckland
ARC 159 Jonathan Brewer Wellington
ARE 160 Keith A Ramsay Wellington
ARC 161 Malcolm David Wallace Dunedin
ARC 162 Keith Lantsbury Napier
ARE 163 Allan Stanley Ward Wellington
ARC 164 Leslie John Cole Hamilton
ARE 165 Chap Micua Auckland
ARE 166 Theresa Van Rooyen Wellington  
ARC 167 Roger Collinge Wellington  
ARC 168 Johnathon Green Auckland  
ARC 169 Jangez Khan Christchurch  
ARE 170 Arasaratnam Sathyendran Auckland
ARE 171 John Hodren Wellington  
ARE 173 Allan Royden Gray Wellington  
ARE 174 Belen Andres-Garcia    
ARE 175 Bede Patrick McCormick Dunedin  
ARE 176 Mircea Andrei Stoian Wellington  
ARE 177 Eric George Jones Auckland
ARC 178 Christopher Thomson Christchurch
ARC 179 David Wall Auckland
ARC 180 Peter Gent Wellington  
ARE 181 Ian Graham Christchurch
ARE 182 Justin Wonderlick Wellington
ARE 183 Xin Tang Wellington  
ARC 185 Uday Pundlik Auckland  
ARC 186 Jiddy Arado Wellington  


Last updated 4 December 2018