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List of Engineers & Examiners

The certification of radio and spectrum licences; and the examining for and issuing of radio operator certificates is now done by independent persons known as Approved Persons. The details of these approved persons can be found in the lists of engineers and examiners.


Approved Radio Engineers (ARE) and Approved Radio Certifiers (ARC)

Radio and spectrum licences require certification by an approved person as part of the licensing process to confirm that the new licensed radio service will be compatible with existing licensed radio services:

ARC can engineer and certify Radio Licences only.

ARE can engineer and certify both Radio Licences and Spectrum Licences.

The RSM approved Radio Engineers and Approved Radio Certifiers (ARE & ARC) lists active ARE and ARC, their contact details, together with the licence types they certify.


Approved Radio Examiners (ARX)

Radio operator certificates are required to be held by users of the Maritime, Amateur, and Aeronautical radio service bands. This is to ensure that users are familiar with the technical, theoretical, practical, and regulatory knowledge required to operate radio transmitting equipment in these radio service bands. These services also require callsigns to be used for identification purposes:

  • ARX can conduct radio operator examinations, issue radio operator certificates, and issue callsigns for maritime and amateur radio operators.

The RSM approved Radio Examiners (ARX) lists active ARX, their contact details, and the radio operator certification and callsign services they provide.


Last updated 2 May 2017