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Licensee Interference Investigation rebate

[icon] Orange exclamation small. The Licensee Interference Investigation rebate will cease on 1 October 2017.

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Licensee interference investigation (LII) requires you to accept full responsibility, including costs for investigating any interference affecting your licences during your current licensing period.

If your investigation shows evidence of the interference being caused by the non-compliance of a third party, and a satisfactorily completed investigation report is provided to Radio Spectrum Management (RSM), we will investigate compliance and carry out any necessary enforcement action.

LII is available through RSM by completing the online agreement.

Read more about Licence Interference Investigation in our FAQs.


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Licensee interference investigation (LII) agreement

Agreement for the holder of an eligible licence who undertakes to provide interference investigation reports

Read more about Licensee interference investigation (LII) agreement

Last updated 1 August 2017