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Licensee Interference Investigation rebate


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Licensee interference investigation (LII) agreement

Agreement for the holder of an eligible licence who undertakes to provide interference investigation reports

[icon] Orange exclamation small. The Licensee Interference Investigation rebate ceased on 1 October 2017.

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Any licence holder with an eligible radio or spectrum licence can choose to manage their own licence interference investigation (LII).

Under regulations 44B and 44C of the Radiocommunications Regulations 2001, (the Regulations) Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) provides a discount on the annual licence fee to licensees who make this choice.

The following points summarise the main LII requirements:

  • The annual administration fees for the eligible licences held by the licensee have to be paid using an online service
  • The election will continue until the licence holder cancels the election or makes a complaint of harmful interference without providing the required interference investigation report. The licence holder must then pay to RSM the part of the discount received covering the remaining period for all the eligible licences to the due date of their next annual licence fee
  • The election to provide an interference investigation report in respect of any complaint of harmful interference applies in respect of all eligible licences (as defined in the Regulations) held by the licensee. The election will include any subsequently added licences
  • An interference investigation report would need to provide the location, source, nature and ownership of the interfering equipment. The report must be to an evidential standard suitable for RSM’s enforcement action to resolve the interference and will normally include:
    • The service interfered with (licence number and receiver location/s)
    • The frequency (or frequency band) of the interfering signal
    • The date and time when the interfering signal was harming reception
    • The identifying details of the interfering equipment (type of product, make, model)
    • The location of the interfering equipment
    • The owner or person responsible for the interfering equipment, including contact details
    • Any relevant communications between the licensee and the interfering equipment owner

Evidence to confirm those details may be required if RSM needs to take legal action to achieve resolution of an interference problem.

If you choose to arrange your own interference investigations, and agree to provide an interference report if making a complaint of harmful interference, you must agree to the following statement:

I have read and understood the conditions relating to the fee discount available for licensees conducting their own interference investigations. I will arrange my own investigation of any interference affecting my licences. If I choose to make a complaint to RSM in respect of such interference I will give RSM the required interference investigation report.

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Last updated 1 October 2017