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Licence fees

Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) collects annual licence fees for current radio and spectrum licences to recover the cost of providing services.

If your licence is engineered by an Approved Radio Engineer (ARE) or Approved Radio Certifier (ARC), they may additionally charge an engineering fee. This fee should be negotiated before starting your licence application.

 [icon] Orange exclamation small. The 10% annual fee discount for online payments will cease on 1 October 2017.
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Annual licence fees paid online in the Register of Radio Frequencies (the Register) are entitled to a discount. Read more about how to pay for annual licence fees.


Annual licence fees

Information and the schedule of annual fees required to keep a licence current.

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Licensee Interference Investigation rebate

Manage your own licence interference investigation (LII) and receive an additional 10% discount on your annual fee when you pay online.

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Radio Spectrum Management engineering certification fees

Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) no longer provides radio engineering for the New Zealand market. These RSM engineering certification fees are published as a guide only.

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Last updated 1 August 2017