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Resources for ARXs

Approved radio examiner (ARX) resources and operational guides can be found in this section. This information is intended to assist RSM approved ARXs who conduct radio operator examinations, issue radio operator certificates, and issue radio callsigns.


Resource documents

The current radio operator and callsign rules

How to maintain and issue certificates and callsigns

How to identify the legal entity status of a client

How to transfer a ship callsign when requested by the current callsign holder


Auditing of Approved Radio Examiners (ARXs)

RSM undertakes auditing of ARXs to ensure their best practice and competency in the examination procedures comply with PIB 46.

The ARX auditing process is covered under Requirements for Approved Radio Examiners (PIB 45)

Becoming an Approved Radio Examiner (ARX)

A suitably qualified person can become an ARX in one or more of the classes of New Zealand operator certificates for:

  • Maritime - Various classes of certificate
  • Amateur – General Amateur Operator’s Certificate

To apply for ARX status, please complete the application form in PIB 45. For assistance, please contact us.

Once granted Approved Radio Examiner (ARX) status, the approval will remain in force until relinquished by the ARX or revoked by RSM.

Further assistance

ARXs who require assistance can contact RSM on Freephone 0508 RSM INFO (0508 776 463) or by email to rsmlicensing@mbie.govt.nz. International callers please phone +64 3 962 2603.

Last updated 8 December 2014