Create an application to add or modify a licence

This user guide shows approved radio engineers and certifiers (AREs, ARCs) how to create an application to add a new radio or spectrum licence, or modify an existing radio licence in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF). This applies to all radio licence types. The process to modify a spectrum licence by an ARE is detailed on the Modify a spectrum licence (Form 8) page.

Important information when creating applications:

  • If the licence is not added or modified within 30 days of submission into the RRF, the application is cancelled.
  • If the annual licence fees are due, you can still apply to modify the licence. However, after confirming the application, payment of the annual fees will be required.
  • Point-to-point bi-directional licences can be modified from either end.
    • NOTE - only one application is required to modify both ends
  • Point-to-multipoint licences can only be modified from the Primary licence
  • The Register will not allow you to modify an associated licence on point-to-multipoint licence types.

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