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Pay for licence fees

The Radiocommunications Regulations 2001 prescribe that all radio and spectrum licences must pay an annual licence fee to remain current. Fees will vary according to the licence type.

The easiest and quickest way to pay your licence fees is online in the Register of Radio Frequencies (the Register).

A manual payment fee of $25 will be added to any payment made by cash, cheque, or any other kind of payment other than an electronic payment or any payment by credit card.

Online payment options:

  1. Pay by credit/debit card
  2. Pay by direct debit
  3. Pay by direct credit/internet banking
  4. Pay with POLi internet banking


1. Pay by credit/debit card

The Fee Payment screen in the Register, defaults to the “Credit Card” option providing you are not already set up for Direct Debit payment.

The “Credit Card” option will also allow you to pay using a “Debit Card”.

[image] credit card payment image

You have the ability to retain your credit card details for future payments. Our Credit Card payments are processed via Direct Payment Solution (DPS). DPS is one of the leading secure Internet payment gateways in New Zealand and is used by some of the largest on-line shops in Australasia. DPS will store and process your credit or debit card details using some of the most secure and safe technology available. The maximum amount per credit/debit card transaction is $99,999.

Visit the Payment Express (DPS) website

2. Pay by direct debit

When you pay by Direct Debit your licence fees will be charged to a bank account you have nominated. Before payment is deducted a tax invoice will be emailed to you. Payment will be automatically deducted from your bank account on the 20th of the following month. You will still be able to view and download your tax invoice in the Register.

To use Direct Debit as a payment option you need to first setup your account details. Please contact our Business Service Centre for guidance at free phone 0508 RSM INFO (0508 776 463).


3. Pay by direct credit/internet banking

Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) has been set-up as a Bill Payee with the major banks in New Zealand. The details are:

  • Bill Payee name: Radio Spectrum Management
  • Account number: 03-0049-0001354-00

The information you need to provide when payment is made is:

  • Particulars: Client Name
  • Code: Client Number
  • Reference: Invoice or Letter Number

Client Name, Client Number (same as Client ID) and Invoice Number are shown on your invoice.

Client Name, Client Number and Letter Number can be found on your annual licence fee renewal email/letter.

The amount to pay is shown on your invoice.

Note - You can create an invoice yourself if one has not been generated.

4. Pay with POLi internet banking

POLi is an additional online payment option which allows you to use your own internet banking facility to securely pay your licence fees. The amount, reference information and banking details are pre-populated ensuring there are no reconciliation errors.

When you use POLi to complete your purchase everything is done within the security of your online banking facility. At no time are you required to disclose your personal banking details to any third party, (including POLi).

Anyone who has access to the Pay Anyone functionality offered by a supported online banking facility can use POLi.

[image] POLi image.jpg.
After you have paid using POLi you will be directed back to the Register. At this point the Register knows exactly what your payment related to. You can now consider your annual fee paid. A reference will be shown on screen to reconcile with your bank account.

Maximum payment amounts may differ between banks. You may need to contact your bank if you need assistance with large payment amounts.

POLi is not available to businesses that require two or more signatories to approve payments via internet banking.
Information including a demonstration is available on the POLi website.

Visit the POLi website 


From the Fee Payment screen in the Register, you can elect to download an invoice before payment (e.g. for payment approval purposes) or wait until after payment has been made online.

invoice image

  • Invoices downloaded before payment will show the full fee as shown in the Annual fee schedule (this is the amount to pay if sending in a cheque to the address stated on your invoice).
  • The invoice can be paid online using any of the options above.
  • The invoice details can be updated (via the Change details hyperlink) before downloading it, if required.
  • If you are paying online and have not downloaded an invoice before payment, then a tax invoice receipt will be emailed to you after payment. The invoice will be stamped “Paid”.

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Last updated 1 October 2017