Purchase orders for direct debit invoices

You can add a purchase order number to a direct debit invoice before it's generated at the end of your billing month.

What you need to know

  • This process is for direct debit clients.
  • You can add or update purchase order numbers up to the last day of the month your licence fee is due for payment.
  • It is your responsibility to change your purchase order numbers throughout the year. This applies to new licences and annual licence renewals.
  • If you have new licences during your direct debit billing month and want to add another purchase order number to these, you can do this in Step 4.
  • You can't edit or delete a purchase order number once the invoice is generated.


Radio licences due for renewal will generate at the beginning of your billing month.
Spectrum licence renewals generate throughout the year depending on the registration or commencement date, whichever is the latter.


To add a purchase order number:

  1. Log on to the Register of Radio Frequencies(external link) (RRF) using your username name and password.
  2. Select Logon Details > Change your Client Details from the main menu.
  3. Select the Direct Debit Details link on the left hand menu.
  4. Enter your purchase order number into the Invoice Reference field and select [Save]. Alternatively, you can add new purchase order numbers next to the existing one to distinguish which licence belongs to each purchase order.
  5. Select [Save].


After you pay by direct debit in any one month, your invoice will show consolidated fees for licence renewals and new licences generated at month’s end. We send your direct debit invoice by email.