Cancel a spectrum licence — Rightholder and Manager

You can cancel a spectrum licence online in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF) provided you have the correct authority. You can do this using the online Form 10 — Notice of cancellation of spectrum licence.

Who cancels the licence

This process requires the Rightholder and Manager to act together to cancel the spectrum licence. The Rightholder starts the process and the Manager(s) authorise it.

If a spectrum licence falls across more than one Management Right, all Managers will get an email to authorise the cancellation.

When to cancel

If possible, it's best to cancel unwanted licences before renewing your licences, so that you don't pay for them.

Before cancelling your licence

You must have the correct role assigned to your logon. Only the roles stated in the conditions of the licence are authorised to cancel a spectrum licence. These are either:

  • Rightholder alone
  • Manager alone
  • Rightholder and Manager together
  • Rightholder or Manager.

You can find the spectrum licence authorities under the licence conditions in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF).

How to cancel your spectrum licence

The Rightholder follows these steps:

  1. Logon to the Register using your Rightholder username and password. Login to the Register(external link)
  2. Select Spectrum Forms > Cancel Spectrum Licence from the menu. This opens the Search Licence to Cancel screen.
  3. Choose an option to select:
    • Search to view all your spectrum licences, or
    • Enter the relevant licence number and select [Search].
    • Click the radio button next to the licence number you want to cancel and [Select]. This will open the online Form 10 with ‘Manager only authority.’
  4. Select [Submit Form 10] and click OK. We'll send you an email when we receive your application.
  5. Click [Notify Manager] to submit your Form 10 to the Manager. You'll see:
    • The Management Right number displayed at the bottom right of the screen.
    • The Form 10 (Awaiting Manager) screen, advising that the Manager of the licence in the Management Right has been notified. There may be more than one Manager notified, if the licence falls across more than one Management Right.
  6. Select [Back] to return to the Search Licence to Transfer screen, or log off. We'll send you an email when the Manager has submitted the Form 10 to the Registrar and the Registrar cancels the licence.
    • If any fees are due for renewal, they will be cancelled and removed from your list of licences.
    • If an invoice exists for the fees, a credit note is created and emailed to the relevant party.
  7. Select [Back] to continue cancelling more licences or log out.

Note: A Form 10 Notice of cancellation of spectrum licence is not valid until registered in the Register.

You need to submit a separate Form 10 for each spectrum licence you want to cancel.

You can't reactivate a spectrum licence once it's cancelled.