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What does television interference look like?

Normal signals

A normal signal should look like this:

No interference


The television receiver signal check should look similar to this:
Good signal bars
Note this is normally accessible from your television receiver “Menu” then “Installation” then “Signal check” (this varies between receivers – consult your receiver hand book if in doubt).


Weak signals and interference

Weak interference or marginal signal levels may look like this:
Weak signal


Moderate interference or weak signal levels may look like this:
Moderate interference

Strong interference or very weak signals may look like this:
Strong interference

Severe interference will often result in no picture or locked picture sometimes on screen words like “bad or no signal” or “No Service” will be seen.

At the same time your receiver signal check readings and or television screen may look similar to this:
Strong interference signal check readings Or Service not available


Television receivers commonly have a signal strength and quality analysis screen which is most helpful in diagnosing the signal. This will likely be found in the installation menu. If the screen has a fair “strength” reading and poor “quality” reading it will likely have an interference or reception problem of some form. No readings also indicate a problem. You may need expert assistance to determine the nature of the problem.

Last updated 2 December 2014