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Mobile Phone boosters

It is a general expectation these days that your mobile phone will work satisfactorily almost everywhere. If your home, workplace or vehicle does have poor coverage, you may decide to search online for solutions and find yourself at a website offering mobile boosters or repeaters to cure the problem.

Many of these devices can cause interference and dropped calls across the wider cellular network. This is why network operator approval is essential for the installation and operation of such equipment.

If approval is not given, the equipment is then not authorised by the required licence. The user of unlicensed equipment is subject to infringement offence penalties and possible prosecution. If interference is caused, it may also result in a damages claim from the network operator.

Overseas web sites such as www.mobilephonesignalbooster.co.nz, www.signalbooster.co.nz and www.mobilebooster.co.nz give the impression of being a New Zealand site and suggest their products are approved for use in New Zealand by the service providers, Spark, Vodafone and 2degrees. This is not the case.

Careful study of the “Conditions” on these websites may find a disclaimer to the effect that “Using this equipment may require a licence. It’s your own responsibility to check with the governmental authority having jurisdiction prior to use… “ etc.

If you are having coverage problems with your mobile service, always check with your service provider for one of the approved solutions.

Read more about Licence compliance.


Last updated 20 December 2017