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Frequencies anyone can use

People utilise free to use radio frequencies in New Zealand every day without realising that their use of these radio frequencies are governed by either a radio licence or a spectrum licence.

Devices that typically use these frequencies include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, citizen band radio, satellite earth stations, radio controlled toys, baby monitors, satellite distress beacons, cordless telephones, garage door openers, vehicle remote door locks, video senders, wireless remote controls, radio microphones, model aircraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Free to use radio frequencies are controlled by general user licences (GULs), which allow these frequencies to be used without the need to get an individual licence and pay a licence fee. It is important to note that as well as specifying the available frequencies or frequency bands, the GUL also includes the technical and operational parameters that apply to the radio devices covered by the GUL. It is very important that radio device users fully comply with the terms, conditions and restrictions on these GUL licences; otherwise Radio Spectrum Management may take compliance action against the user.

The applicable general user licences which anyone can use are:

Last updated 10 September 2015