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Supplier audits

Who can be audited?

Under the provisions of the Radiocommunications Regulations 2001, Regulation 34, Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) may audit anyone who sells, manufactures, distributes, uses or installs electrical, electronic or radio products in New Zealand.


Why have audits?

Electrical, electronic and radio products are required to meet performance standards and licence requirements (for radio) to maximise the spectrum utility for all users. Auditing is necessary to monitor and enforce compliance and maintain the integrity of the framework.


What is the auditing process?

RSM conducts routine audits. Audits can be prearranged, online or impromptu.

During the audit, the Inspector would expect to see:

  • evidence of correct product labelling,
  • a correctly completed and signed Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity (SDOC),
  • a product description that clearly identifies the product,
  • a test report or other document evidence that confirms compliance to an applicable standard,
  • where appropriate, a product variant statement.

Non-compliance can result in the issue of:

  • Warning Notices
  • Infringement Offence Notices ($250-$1,700)
  • Prosecution ($30,000-$200,000).


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Last updated 2 December 2014

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