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What organisations will use the new database?

The new database will be used jointly by Radio Spectrum Management (RSM), Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and Australian state and territory electrical safety regulators.


When and how can I register on the database?

Suppliers are now able to register on the new database through the ERAC website. Re-registration will be required annually.

For assistance with the registration process, read our step by step guide for registering as a supplier through ERAC [648 KB PDF]


What information will I have to provide?

The database will display different registration requirements depending on whether the supplier also supplies devices within the scope of the EESS. A supplier will provide their name, company number (or IRD tax number for individuals) and contact details, and will establish an access password.


Who will have access to my information?

The database will be publicly accessible. All interested parties (including approved regulators, suppliers, retailers and consumers) will have access to details of registered suppliers.


Will the database registration involve a fee?

No. A supplier of devices subject only to RSM Radiocommunications (Compliance) Notice will not have to pay a registration fee.

Under the EESS, electrical equipment supplier registration will incur a fee.


Do I need to re-register every year?

Yes. Re-registration ensures that supplier details are current. A reminder email will be sent prior to the expiry date.


What happens if I fail to re-register?

If a supplier does not re-register, their registration will expire and they will receive an email notification. The supplier will be permitted to re-activate their expired registration.


Can I amend my details after registration?

Yes, the online registration process allows a supplier to login and update registration details at any time. This is an advantage of the online registration process.


If a business is sold, does the new entity need to amend their registration?

Yes. A supplier should update their new database registration details within 30 days of the changes occurring (that is, change of address, company name etc.).


Can I transfer the database registration number (issued following registration on the new database) to another supplier?

No. The database registration number is unique to the supplier.

Last updated 2 December 2014