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Unable to view documents on the website?

If you have clicked on a document and nothing appears, it may be that you have a pop-up blocker installed on your PC. Below are a few of the most common pop-up blockers we have encountered and instructions on how to enable and disable pop-up blockers.

Please note that if you have one or more of these pop-up blockers installed on your PC, then you will need to turn them all off to view our documents.


Internet Explorer (IE)

  1. Select the ‘Tools’ menu (If you don't see the ‘Tools’ menu, press the ‘Alt’ key on your keyboard to show the menus)
  2. Then ‘Pop-Up Blocker
  3. Select ‘Turn Off Pop-up Blocker’.

A confirmation may ask to allow pop-ups from *rsm.govt.nz. Select ‘Yes’.

Note: When ‘Yes’ is clicked the page will reload to the homepage of the website.



  1. Select the ‘Tools’ menu (If you don't see the ‘Tools’ menu, press the ‘Alt’ key on your keyboard to show the menus)
  2. Then ‘Options
  3. Then select the ‘Content’ icon
  4. Depending on Firefox version, select either ‘Allowed Sites’ or ‘Exceptions’ next to ‘Block Popup Windows
  5. Type www.rsm.govt.nz in the ‘Address of web site’ then click on ‘Allow
  6. Then ‘Close’ and ‘OK’ until back to website.


Google Chrome

  1. Select the Chrome menu [image] Chrome menu button on the browser toolbar.
  2. Select ‘Settings’.
  3. Click ‘Show advanced settings’.
  4. In the ‘Privacy’ section, click the ‘Content settings’ button.
  5. In the ’Pop-ups’ section, click ‘Manage exceptions’.


Safari 6 (OS X Mountain Lion)

  1. Select ‘Safari
  2. Then ‘Preferences
  3. Then select ‘Security
  4. Turn off ‘Block pop-up windows’.



Location varies depending on your version of Opera.

  1. Either click on ‘File’ at top left of screen, or ‘Tools
  2. Then click on ‘Quick Preferences
  3. Select ‘Open all pop-ups


Google Toolbar

If you have the Google Search toolbar installed on your machine you will need to switch the pop-up blocking off.

To switch this on or off you will need to:

  1. Select ‘Options’ on the Google toolbar
  2. Check or uncheck the ‘Pop-up Blocker’ check box under the ‘Accessories’ Section.

Note: To confirm these changes you will need to close down your browser and re-open it.


Yahoo! Toolbar

The pop-up blocker in the Yahoo! toolbar by default blocks all pop-ups.

To turn Pop-up blocking on or off:

  1. Select the ‘Pop-Up Blocker’ menu [image] Yahoo Toolbar pop-up blocker menu button.
  2. Select ‘Enable Pop-Up Blocker
  3. If the checkmark is present, the Pop-Up Blocker is turned off. If the checkmark is not present, Pop-Up blocker is turned on.


Other examples of pop-up/ad blockers

Below are some applications that may have pop-up blocking functionality. To alter the pop-up blocking functionality within these programs you will need to consult either your own IT support, or the help files.


  • Zone Alarm Pro
  • Norton Internet Security
  • MSN Toolbar
Last updated 8 December 2014