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Our vision

Our vision is to be a world leader in spectrum management. We will transact business quickly, inexpensively and easily. We will be innovative, flexible, and responsive to international technological advances and wireless investment decisions. We will realise this vision through the following:



Industry and government will acknowledge us as an effective regulator and as active supporters and facilitators for businesses using or selling wireless technology. We will position ourselves to enable the wireless industry to gain the highest possible prosperity and be a source of economic growth in New Zealand.



We know the wireless industry, we know business, and we know what drives economic growth. We understand the radio spectrum needs of New Zealand, and are able to balance those needs with reasonable compliance costs. Our technical capability meets or exceeds international standards, and our team is an international leader in service and knowledge.



We will be a pivotal exchange point for all segments of the wireless industry and a leader of telecommunications relationships. We will continue to be well-networked in the community, the state sector and industry, and act as the key link between those sectors and other government agencies.


Leading edge

New Zealand relies on us to deliver innovative and practical spectrum management solutions. We plan and manage a flexible regime to ensure New Zealand can meet and enjoy international advances in wireless technology. We quickly develop and implement innovative ideas. We will be the international benchmark for radio spectrum management and planning.



Our clients, colleagues, associates and government officials will recognise the value of our organisation and the radio spectrum resource, and know we deliver innovative and practical solutions geared towards economic growth.


Working together

We will combine our expertise with other groups in the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment to advance growth by consolidating and managing our responsibilities and resources whenever beneficial to our clients and stakeholders.

Last updated 21 September 2015