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Radio licence locations need to be accurate

Radio Spectrum Management has a team of eight Radio Inspectors located in regions across New Zealand who proactively undertake audits of radio services using “over the air” techniques. A common finding of these audits is an incorrect transmitter location (geo reference).

Accurate transmitter locations are essential to allow radio engineers plan and craft radio licences that provide the service required without interference. When determining a transmitter location care must be taken to identify the exact location. Use of GPS with averaging and electronic maps such as Google Earth allows much greater accuracy.

Public Information Brochures PIB 38, PIB 39, PIB 48 and PIB 49 provide guidelines to determine a location. A location in the Register of Radio Frequencies that has a green tick indicates the location has been verified and is safe to use.

[image] Radio licence locations.[image] Radio licence locations.

RSM employs a Warning/Infringement Notice Regime to ensure compliance.


Last updated 3 December 2018