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Clarification of Prohibited Equipment - Dog Tracking Devices Notice 2013

Prohibited dog-tracking devices including parts

Some dog-tracking devices are illegal in New Zealand because they operate on the same radio frequencies as equipment frequently used by the likes of forestry, transport, rail, and emergency services. The use of illegal tracking devices may cause serious interference to these services.

Since 2009, specified dog-tracking devices have been prescribed as prohibited equipment, providing that as well as not being authorised for use in New Zealand, the devices are not allowed to be manufactured, imported, sold or distributed. To ensure awareness that this prohibition includes all the component parts of the devices, the Prohibited Equipment – Dog Tracking Devices Notice has been amended.

Before you buy equipment of this sort, be sure to check whether the device may be imported and is acceptable for use in New Zealand. Importing, selling and using illegal devices may result in a fine or prosecution. If you are uncertain, please contact us for information.

You can talk to RSM about dog tracking collars and other prohibited equipment on free phone 0508 RSM INFO (0508 776 463) or email us on info@rsm.govt.nz.