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Change of GST and Bank Account Numbers

With the implementation of the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE) on 01 July 2012, the GST and bank account numbers for Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) have changed. Please note these changes and update your records accordingly.

RSM Changes:

  • The RSM GST number is ‘109-304-085’
  • RSM Bank account ‘030049-0001354-00 ’has changed in name only to ‘MBIE Rad Spe’


Crown Changes:

  • The Crown GST number is ‘109-305-537’
  • Crown bank account number ‘030049-0001311-25’ is closed
  • The new Crown bank account number is ‘030049-0005128-26’


What’s the difference between RSM and Crown Payments?


If you hold a current radio or spectrum licence(s) you will pay an annual licence fee to RSM. Annual licence fees will be generated from SMART (the Register of Radio Frequencies). Invoices generated from SMART will have the RSM GST number.


The Crown

If you have a spectrum licence that resides in a Crown Management Right you may be required to pay a resource fee or rental over and above an annual licence fee. Resource fees or rentals will be invoiced separately. These invoices are not payable online in SMART and discount does not apply.