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Asia Pacific Telecommunity

The Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT) is an intergovernmental organisation that serves as the focal organisation for communication and information technology in the Asia Pacific region. It operates in conjunction with telecommunication service providers, manufacturers of communications equipment, and research and development organisations active in the field of communication, information and innovation technologies.

New Zealand is a member of the APT.

In addition to other wider telecommunications activities, the APT provides two settings for discussion and coordination of Asia Pacific regional views on radiocommunications matters. New Zealand aims to work closely within these settings to achieve a coordinated approach to radiocommunications issues and to establish common proposals from a regional perspective to the World Radiocommunication Conferences (WRC).


APT Conference Preparatory Group

The APT Conference Preparatory Group for World Radiocommunication Conference (APG) was established in 1996 with the objective of harmonising views and developing common proposals from the Asia-Pacific region for the WRC. The APG has developed into one of the most important activities of the APT.

The APG meets five times over the study period of one WRC cycle.


APT Wireless Group

The APT Wireless Group (AWG) covers aspects of International Mobile Telecommunication (IMT) systems as well as various aspects of emerging wireless systems to meet the upcoming digital convergence era for the Asia Pacific region. It is to assist the process of providing cost effective radiocommunications solutions and facilitating the transfer of technology by sharing and discussing information on new wireless technologies.

The AWG meets twice in each calendar year.


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