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About RSM

A part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) is responsible for efficiently and effectively managing the radio spectrum, including policy and planning processes, administration of the national Register of Radio Frequencies (the Register), licensing, compliance and enforcement, and radio frequency interference (RFI) investigation.

Read more in this section about RSM, our policies, our latest news, and our relationships with other relevant organisations (both nationally and internationally).

Who is Radio Spectrum Management?

Information about the functions and responsibilities of Radio Spectrum Management in Policy, Planning, Licensing and Compliance.

Read more about Who is Radio Spectrum Management?

News and updates

Find the latest media releases from our Ministers, radio spectrum news and our Radio Spectrum Management Business Update e-newsletters

Read more about News and updates

Spectrum policy

Information on the Acts and Regulations that govern Radio Spectrum Management, as well as an overview of other policy relevant to the New Zealand radio spectrum.

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International relations

Introduction to international treaties of which New Zealand is a signatory and activities within associated inter-governmental, regional and national fora on radiocommunication matters.

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Arrangements with other countries

In order to increase the opportunities for trade between countries, and to minimise compliance costs, New Zealand has entered into mutually beneficial arrangements with some other countries

Read more about Arrangements with other countries

Definitions and acronyms

Acronyms and definitions, related to Radio Spectrum Management (RSM), that feature on the RSM website

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External organisations and links

Links to the websites of organisations who support or aid the work undertaken by Radio Spectrum Management.

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Last updated 19 September 2017