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Radio spectrum policy

The radio spectrum is an important resource managed by the Crown, through the Ministry of Economic Development, on behalf of the people of New Zealand. The efficient use of this resource to provide telecommunications and broadcasting services is essential to the functioning of a modern economy.

The Ministry of Economic Development is responsible for providing advice to Government on the allocation of radio frequencies to meet the demands of emerging technologies and services, in order to ensure that the radio spectrum provides the greatest economic and social benefit to New Zealand society.


Radio spectrum planning

Spectrum Planning is responsible for the operational forecasting, planning and adoption of New Zealand band and channel plans relating to radio technologies. Spectrum Planning may be required to determine, in a timely manner, the most applicable technology or use of a band for New Zealand and/or methods to transition to such technology or use.


International connections

New Zealand is a signatory to the ITU Telecommunications Convention, which gives international treaty status to the associated International Radio Regulations. As such it is imperative to have a national spectrum framework in which our international treaty obligations can be addressed. The Ministry also participates in the work of regional bodies, such as the APT, and liaises with Australia on spectrum matters.


Telcommunications policy

Telecommunications Policy



Brief for the Incoming Minister of Broadcasting - 2 November 2007 [PDF 180 kB]

Minister of Communications

Minister of Broadcasting


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