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ZC1 MK II radio transceiver
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MF / HF services

Medium Frequency/High Frequency Licensing 

MF / HF Licences can only be issued by RSM as international co-ordination must be completed. Application for MF / HF Licences can be made online or contact an approved radio engineer or certifier to submit the licence application on your behalf for RSM to engineer.

  1. The licensing of a MF/HF simplex service is covered by the Licence codes LS1 or LS4. The detail of how these Licence codes are applied is outlined at the beginning of this document.
  2. If all sets are portables/mobiles then the transmit location is All New Zealand and the receive location is All New Zealand.
  3. The location of all fixed base station sites to be covered by the licence is to be recorded on the licence. A base station is defined as a station having a non-portable power supply and a permanently erected aerial. The receive location will be All New Zealand.
  4. A receive location of South Pacific may be requested if the service is to be used to communicate with the South Pacific. Any transmissions from other countries must be authorised by the administrations of those countries.
  5. Any modifications to the licence e.g. the addition of a new base station location or a request for additional frequencies will incur an engineering fee. Changes in the number of sets recorded on the licence and the associated allocation of extra callsigns does not attract a fee.
  6. A 3.0 MHz and a 5.0 MHz frequency will be assigned to all new services. Additional frequencies may be requested and will be assigned where they meet RSM and ITU requirements.
  7. Any requests for the licensing of MF/HF frequencies assigned to Search and Rescue, New Zealand Police and the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management must be accompanied by a letter from the relevant organisation supporting the use of that frequency by the applicant.

Further information about MF / HF Licences is found in PIB 38 Appendix C, Page 47.

Last updated 24 March 2010