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Ruru (Waikato) TOPO50: BD34 255.65 143.09 WGS84: 175.5616844E 37.7907598S
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Te Huarahi Tika Trust


  1. Te Huarahi Tika Trust (THTT) is pleased for the opportunity to present this submission to the Ministry of Economic Development in relation to the discussion paper “Radio Frequency Auction: 2.3 Ghz and 2.5Ghz Bands”.
    1. It is not our intention to comment on all of the sections of the Discussion Paper, but to submit specifically in regard to Section 5.
    2. It is noted that THTT supports the stated Government Priority’s in relation to facilitating
    • Faster, cheaper broadband; and
    • Competition in the telecommunications sector.


  1. In regard to the question around provisions regarding allocation of the noted spectrum for the use of Maori as a service provider, THTT remain strongly of the view that to fully engage commercially in this sector a portfolio of spectrum bands are required.
  2. It is in this regard that THTT again promote the view that as per 2000 when Government set aside a parcel of spectrum for Maori engagement into telecommunications, that the same model again be applied.
  3. That is, THTT be given exclusive rights to purchase a parcel of the spectrum available for auction at an agreed discounted price.
  4. This should be considered the ideal model to work to assist Maori engage more fully in ICT, as per the Government Digital Strategy.
  5. THTT believe that if the above were confirmed, it would to a large degree also enable greater uptake and usage by Maori service consumers and enhance the opportunities for Maori language and culture in the modern world using up-to-the-minute technologies.


  1. THTT concur with the views of the New Zealand Maori Council that reservation of a parcel of spectrum for promoting Maori language and other interests should be regardless of any managed spectrum park.
  2. We add our support to submissions made by Hautaki Ltd and NZ Communications Ltd.


Last updated 4 October 2007